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Founded in 1989, The Right Stuff was started to fill a void in the industry by someone who had a passion for our great hobby. Our great success has hinged on three key features - quality parts, knowledgeable staff, and excellent service.  The Right Stuff offers a complete line of Disc Brake Conversions and Upgrades for American Muscle cars and trucks. We also offer a huge selection of original equipment, replacement brake components, including master cylinders, boosters, proportioning valves, emergency brake cables, fittings, clips and more.

We carry thousands of application specific pre-bent brake lines, fuel lines, transmission lines and more. Our state of the art CNC-tubing can produce any pre-bent lines for automotive, industrial or commercial applications. All tubing is based off an original line that is scanned using a laser measuring device. Those measurements and coordinates are then loaded directly into our automated bender to produce an exact replication every time!

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Right Stuff 74-82 Chevrolet Corvette Brake Hydraulic Line Clip , N/A VCS7401
Model: 3498389
Condition: NEW
74 - 82 All Cars - Brake Fuel Clip Set 28 Pcs. …
$45.99 ea $43.27
Right Stuff Brake Hydraulic Hose FH105
Model: 3493262
Condition: NEW
69 - 70 Front Flex Hose …
$32.99 ea $30.60
Right Stuff 5/16" Blue Brake Line R-Clip w/ Tab RSCLP05
$8.99 ea $8.91
Right Stuff Brake Hydraulic Line Clip ACS027
Model: 3490573
Condition: NEW
70 3/8 Main - Fuel Line Clips, 4 Pcs. …
Right Stuff Brake Hydraulic Line Clip ACS025
Model: 3490571
Condition: NEW
68 - 69 3/8 Main, 1/4 Return - Fuel Line Clips, 8 Pcs. …
Right Stuff Brake Hydraulic Line Clip ACS023
Model: 3490569
Condition: NEW
64 - 67 5/16 Fuel, 1/4 Return - Fuel Line Clips, 9 Pcs. …
Right Stuff Brake Hydraulic Hose FH191
Model: 3493355
Condition: NEW
Brake Hydraulic Hose …
$66.99 ea $58.35
Right Stuff Fuel Line TPC5801S
Model: 3035446
Condition: NEW
58 - 59 Chevy/GMC 6 Cyl Fuel Pump To Carb Line Stainless …
$52.99 ea $47.86
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