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Corvette Spark Plug Wire Retainer, 2 Wire, 7 Required, 1984-1995
Model: 1007929
Condition: NEW
$5.99 ea $3.45
Corvette Spark Plugs, Set of 8, R45TS, Small Block, AC Delco, 1976-1984
Model: 1002339
Condition: NEW
ACDelco has a "totally correct" spark plug for your Corvette's engine. Sure, others work, but none will perfectly complement the ignition system. ACDelco spark plugs are designed to achieve the optimum in engine performance when used in…
$27.99 st $18.12
Corvette Spark Plug Wire Support, on Valve Cover Big Block, 3+1, 1965-1966
Model: 1010305
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Helps Prevent Misfiring Keeps Engine Compartment Organized Looking …
$6.99 ea $5.44
Corvette Ignition Shield Wing Nut, 1956-1979
Model: 1002819
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement Used On Ignition Shields   …
$4.99 ea
MSD 6AL Multiple Spark Discharge Ignition| 6425 Corvette 1958-1996
Model: 3259226
Condition: NEW
  Higher Output With 530 Primary Volts & 135mJ Of Spark Energy Efficient Components Use Less Current To Produce More Power Set an rpm limit on the 6AL with two rotary dials in 100 rpm increments Same Bolt Pattern As…
$385.99 ea
Corvette Distributor Mount Gasket, 1955-1992
Model: 1006350
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea $1.68
Proform Engine Distributor Tune-Up Kit, Fits GM HEI V8 Dist w/Internal Coil, Black Cap 66945BKC
Model: 2032825
Condition: NEW
GM V8 HEI electronic tune-up kit: Contains high-power 50,000 volt HEI coil; superior no arc rotor; coil dust cover; high-performance, low-saturation control module; adjustable vacuum advance unit; HEI bushing; wire harness and capacitor…
$141.99 ea
Corvette Cruise Control Vacuum Check Valve, 3 Port, 1986-1995
Model: 1029998
Condition: NEW
$10.99 $6.70
Corvette Accel High Performance Distributor Cap & Rotor Kit,1975-1984
Model: 3233044
Condition: NEW
  Performance Matched Cap & Rotor Brass Contacts   Accel's Cap and Rotor Kit are ideal for the high energy ignition systems found in Corvettes. The brass contacts assure maximum voltage to the plugs while the…
$53.99 kt
Corvette Distributor Side Gear Washer, 1962-1974
Model: 1008540
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea $1.72
Proform Engine Distributor Advance Curve Kit, Fits GM HEI Distributor, 3 Sets of Springs 66948C
Model: 2032821
Condition: NEW
HEI Advance Curve Kit. Offered with three sets of springs for custom curving your own distributor.Engine Distributor Advance Curve Kit Fits GM HEI Models 1996 and Earlier Will Not Work On Computer Controlled HEI Distributors Includes 3 Set…
$13.99 ea $13.91
Corvette Distributor Seal, 1992-1993
Model: 1032758
Condition: NEW
$23.99 $15.47
Corvette Spark Plug Wire Support to Valve Cover, Right, 1984
Model: 1030074
Condition: NEW
#82 on Diagram…
$13.99 $8.18
Corvette Alternator Brace, 454ci, With Power Steering, 1970-1974
Model: 1001710
Condition: NEW
$28.99 ea $17.19
Corvette Spark Plug Wire Retainer, 4 Wire, Slip On, 1976-1982
Model: 1011266
Condition: NEW
$18.99 ea $13.36
Corvette Alternator Bracket Sleeve, 1963-1974
Model: 1008271
Condition: NEW
$7.99 ea $5.85
Corvette Distributor Coil Cover Screw, 1975-1991
Model: 1007048
Condition: NEW
$33.99 ea $24.61
Corvette Generator Bearing Plate Inner Gasket, 1955-1962
Model: 1031352
Condition: NEW
GM Part Number 1912008…
$27.99 $16.37
Corvette ECM Bracket Screw Bolt, 1 Piece, 1984-1996
Model: 1029630
Condition: NEW
$5.99 $3.27
Corvette Distributor Gear Pin, 1956-1982
Model: 1013956
Condition: NEW
$1.99 ea
Corvette Alternator Plug Connector, 1963-1968
Model: 3251946
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement …
$4.99 ea
Corvette Spark Plug Wire Retainer, 2-Wire, 1992-1996
Model: 3241513
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement Helps Prevent Misfiring Keeps Engine Compartment Organized Looking This stock replacement spark plug wire retainer is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory…
$4.99 ea
Corvette Distributor Gear Washer, Lower ,1955-1991
Model: 1032741
Condition: NEW
$6.99 ea $4.52
Corvette Distributor Spring Clip, 1958-1974
Model: 1014533
Condition: NEW
$8.99 ea $6.05
Corvette Spark Plug, Rapidfire, #1, ACDelco, 1985-1986Early
Model: 3499320
Condition: NEW
  Get 2% Better Gas Mileage Experience 27% Smoother Idle Guaranteed Easier Starting ACDelco Rapidfire Spark Plugs feature an electrode system that can revolutionize your engine's performance. The splined, multi-point…
$9.99 ea
ACDelco Professional Spark Plug, R43
Model: 3463658
Condition: NEW
Maintains Factory Correct Ignition Performance Ensures Static-Free Radio Reception …
$5.99 st
Corvette Battery Compartment Door Seal, 1968-1982
Model: 3256374
Condition: NEW
  1-Piece Seal …
$12.99 ea
Corvette Voltage Regulator Mounting Grommet, 1963-1968
Model: 3217588
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original This Corvette reproduction voltage regulator mounting grommet has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit, finish and…
$2.99 ea
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