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Corvette Brake Hose Copper Washer, 1953-1982
Model: 1000530
Condition: NEW
Replacement Washer This Corvette replacement brake hose copper washer has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Corvette. You…
$3.99 ea
Corvette Rear Parking Brake Cable Guide, 2 Required, 1965-1982
Model: 1000472
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original This Corvette reproduction rear parking brake cable guide has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit and function will work…
$3.99 ea
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp, 3/16" Line Clip 1/4" Bolt Hole
Model: 3115749
Condition: NEW
This is a 3/16" and 1/4" line clip …
$1.99 ea
Corvette Rear Caliper Spring, 1965-1982
Model: 1028211
Condition: NEW
 The best hardware to recondition and rebuild Corvette car parts. These springs are made for Corvette Calipers between between 1965-1982.  …
$4.99 ea
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp, 1/4" Line Clip 1/4" Bolt Hole
Model: 3115751
Condition: NEW
This is a 1/4" and 1/4" line clip   …
$1.99 ea
Corvette, Parking Brake Cable Retaining Clip, 1965-1982
Model: 3101280
Condition: NEW
stainless steel Notes:  This Is The Clip That Is Often Called A -Mickey Mouse- Clip Due To Its Shape. …
$4.99 ea
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp Bolt, 5/16" x 18 Thread
Model: 3115753
Condition: NEW
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp Bolt  …
$3.99 ea
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp, 3/8" Line Clip 1/4" Bolt Hole
Model: 3115752
Condition: NEW
This is a 3/8" and 1/4" line clip …
$1.99 ea
Corvette Brake Hose Copper Washer, 1984-1999
Model: 1007861
Condition: NEW
copper washer plain finish type is flat …
$2.99 ea
Corvette Rear Brake Caliper O-Ring Piston Conversion Kit, 1965-1982
Model: 1028100
Condition: NEW
Now you can convert your stainless steel sleeved Corvette calipers into the new and improved o-ring style calipers. Proven to last longer and perform better with this conversion kit than the factory style lip seals, this kit gives you…
$73.99 kt
Corvette Decal, Master Cylinder Bail, 1967-1979
Model: 1010998
Condition: NEW
1967 All w/J56. 1968-79 All with power brakes …
$4.99 ea
Corvette Parking Brake Shoe Hold Down Plate, 1965-1982
Model: 1000527
Condition: NEW
  Replacment Plate Silver Zinc Plated & Clear Coated To Help Prevent Rust   …
$8.99 ea
Corvette Park Brake Shoe Hold Down Spring, 1965-1982
Model: 3428920
Condition: NEW
Replacement Spring …
$2.99 ea
Corvette Brake Master Cylinder Cover, Chrome, 1967-1982
Model: 3104817
Condition: NEW
Includes Bails Bails Measure 3-3/8" Long Requires Gasket …
$24.99 ea
Corvette Front Brake Caliper O-Ring Piston Conversion Kit, 1965-1982
Model: 1028099
Condition: NEW
Lip seal design seals are used on 1965 - 1982 Corvette calipers and can suffer from an inherent problem called "Reverse Air Oscillation". GM quit using lip seal calipers because of this in 1982. Reverse Air Oscillation would occur when…
$60.99 kt
Corvette Master Cylinder Cap Bail, 1967-1982
Model: 1008792
Condition: NEW
Factory replacement 1967-82 Corvette Master Cylinder Cap Bail …
$5.99 ea
Corvette Front Brake Caliper Piston, 1965-1982
Model: 1002486
Condition: NEW
1965-1982 Corvette caliper pistons …
$15.99 ea
Corvette Front Caliper Bolt, 1965-1982
Model: 3102714
Condition: NEW
$2.99 ea
Corvette Brake Caliper Pad Retainer Pin, 1965-1982
Model: 1028212
Condition: NEW
Front or Rear Replacement Pin Includes Cotter Pin …
$4.99 st
Corvette Park Brake Cable Connector, 1984-1996
Model: 1012875
Condition: NEW
tested  GM Original Equipment Measures 60.75mm   …
$5.99 ea $3.44
Corvette Brake Caliper Pin Boot, 1997-2013
Model: 3141542
Condition: NEW
Will Not Fit ZR1, Z06, Z51 made to meet or exceed original equipment specifications ACDelco GM Original Equipment Fitment_Note: REPCO WITH ORANGE DOT Liter: 5.7 Aspiration: NATURALLY…
$32.99 ea
Corvette Brake Caliper Guide Pin Seal, Front, 1997-2004
Model: 1011996
Condition: NEW
$13.99 ea $9.02
Corvette Rear Brake Caliper Guide Pin, 1997-2004
Model: 1011989
Condition: NEW
2 required per caliper …
$14.99 ea $9.58
Corvette Rear Brake Caliper Lip Seal Rebuild Kit, 1965-1982
Model: 1002487
Condition: NEW
  One Caliper Kit   …
$20.99 kt
Corvette Wheel Cylinder Repair Kit, Front, 1 3/16", 1960-1964
Model: 1032103
Condition: NEW
$13.99 $8.47
Corvette Brake Master Cylinder Booster To Firewall Gasket, 1968-1982
Model: 1002511
Condition: NEW
stock replacement …
$13.99 ea
Corvette Brake Hose, Front, 1993
Model: 1009702
Condition: NEW
$27.99 ea $16.72
Corvette Disc Brake Pads, Organic, 1965-1982
Model: 1002490
Condition: NEW
Original Equipment Quality Organic Pad Ideal For Every Day Driving Requires 2 Sets Per Corvette   …
$42.99 st
Corvette Brake & Fuel Line Clip Kit, 1969-1970
Model: 1030132
Condition: NEW
1969-70 CORVETTE | PART# CL-6S22 Piece Brake & Fuel Line Clip Set.Base Engines:L46 350hp, L36 390hp, LS5 390hp.Without Left Side Vapor Return …
$42.99 kt
Corvette Brake & Fuel Line Clip Set, 1970-1972
Model: 1030130
Condition: NEW
LS7 465hp, LT1 370, 330,255hp, LS6 425hp, ZL1 330hp. With left side vapor return without right side fuel return. …
$30.99 kt
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