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Corvette Differential Cover Gasket, Rear, 1963-1979
Model: 1002223
Condition: NEW
This Corvette replacement differential cover gasket has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. This Corvette Differential Cover Gasket will outperform in both fit and…
Corvette Differential Mounting Bushing, Front Polyurethane, 1963-1982
Model: 1013602
Condition: NEW
The primary function of the differential mounting bushing is to provide a smooth and quiet transfer of power from the engine to the rear wheels of your vehicle under acceleration. The Differential Mounting Bushing helps you operate your…
Corvette Differential Cover, Heavy-Duty, 1963-1979
Model: 1001664
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Cover Use With 2-1/4" Wide Spring, 9/16" Bolts Replaces The Stock Cover To Eliminate Rear End Cover Breakage   Note: For 1978-1979 applications check the spring width. …
Corvette Differential Rebuild Kit, Deluxe, 1963-1979
Model: 1001844
Condition: NEW
Take the hassle out of sourcing all the parts you need for a differential rebuild. Our kit includes all the parts you need to rebuild 1963-82 differentials. The kit includes: Timken pinion & side carrier bearings and…
Corvette Rear End Front Lower Mount Cushion, 1963-1982
Model: 1008233
Condition: NEW
A mount's job is to cushion the impacts to reduce the jarring effect, noise and vibration that could transmit into your vehicle during its operation. Mount cushions are vital to ensuring a smooth and overall, more enjoyable ride in your…
Corvette Differential Pinion Front Seal, 1980-1991
Model: 1011384
Condition: NEW
1980-1984 All 1985-1987 With Automatic Transmission 1988-1991 2:73 or 3:07 Rear End …
$14.99 ea $13.82
Corvette Decal, Positraction, 1959-1971
Model: 1002987
Condition: NEW
1959-62 Located on spare tire trunk board. 1963-67 Located on lower right corner of jack compartment cover. 1968-71 Located on lower L.H. of storage compartment lid near jack. Installation Note: This decal is as original and…
Corvette Differential Side Yoke Seal, 1980-1982
Model: 1011385
Condition: NEW
$23.99 ea $22.15
Corvette Differential Pinion Shaft, 1980-1982
Model: 1028495
Condition: NEW
$63.99 $60.05
Corvette Rear End Front Mount Bolt Kit, 1963-1982
Model: 1008235
Condition: NEW
At the start of the second generation of the Chevrolet Corvette in 1963, handling was greatly upgraded with the rear wheels operating with the benefits of an independent suspension system. When restoring or refurbishing rear handling a…
Corvette Differential Side Yoke Cap, Heavy-Duty, 1963-1979
Model: 3280008
Condition: NEW
Includes 1 HD Cap, 2 Grade 8 Bolts, & 2 Lock Washers. Must Use with Part 1005708  …
Corvette Differential Pinion Flange Crush Spacer, 1968-1979
$14.99 ea $13.92
Corvette Differential Cover, Heavy-Duty, 1978-1979
Model: 1002695
Condition: NEW
  With 2-1/2" Wide Spring, 7/16" Bolts Replaces The Stock Cover To Eliminate Rear End Cover Breakage   …
Corvette Differential Clutch Pak, With Positraction, 1980-1982
Model: 3123545
Condition: NEW
Replacement Clutch Pak …
Corvette Pinion Flange Nut, 1965-1979
Model: 3116113
Condition: NEW
$10.99 ea $9.65
Chevy Rear End Carrier Gasket, 1955-1964
Model: 3007265
Condition: NEW
Replacement Gasket Seals Third Member To Rear End Housing …
Corvette Pinion Flange, Differential, 1971-1979
Model: 3176810
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 30 Spline With Straps 4 5/16" Replaces GM # 3879208 …
$206.99 ea $153.25
Corvette Front Drive Pinion Differential Seal, 1985-1996
Model: 3463573
Condition: NEW
1985-1987 With Manual Transmission 1988-1996 3:33, 3:54, 3:45 Rear End …
$14.99 ea $13.84
Corvette Tag, Rear End Red Posi, 1965
Model: 1011489
Condition: NEW
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