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Corvette Heater Core, Without Air Conditioning, 1968-1979
Model: 1003426
Condition: NEW
Bolt-In Replacement – No Brackets or adapters Needed Exclusive Engineering Enhancements To Improve Performance and Durability Individually Leak Tested …
Corvette Air Conditioning/Heater Case Seal Kit, 1968-1977
$80.99 kt $60.08
Corvette Air Conditioning/Heater Case Seal Kit, 1978-1982
$66.99 kt $53.39
Corvette Heater Box to Firewall Stud & Nut Set, 1968-1982
Model: 1024185
Condition: NEW
This Kit Is For A Non-Air Corvette This kit includes 4 firewall studs with rivets and 4 nuts for mounting the heater box. …
Corvette Heater Core, Aluminum, 1984-1996
Model: 3315731
Condition: NEW
Corvette Heater Box Rebuild Kit, 1956-1962
Model: 1002707
Condition: NEW
Die cut from correct materials Our heater box rebuild kit is specially manufactured to work with your 1956-1962 Corvette. Replacing your seals will help minimize air drafts, and improve your heater system's efficiency. …
Corvette Heater Core Housing Inspection Approval Decal, 1956-1962
Model: 1010526
Condition: NEW
Located on Lower Section of Interior Heater Core Housing …
Heater Box Air Distributor Actuator, Replacement, 1967-1981
Model: 1011226
Condition: NEW
Actuator 1967-1981 Buick and Chevrolet models, Single Port, Metal. The Vacuum Actuator is used to open and close the various air distribution blend doors throughout the A/C and Heat System. Restore and and maintain proper functioning of…
Corvette Defroster Vacuum Actuator, with Air Conditioning, 1972-1976
Model: 1027388
Condition: NEW
Will work for 68-76 bi-level diverter vacuum actuator.Studs will have to be shortened to use for this application.…
Corvette Heater Core, 1997-2004
Model: 1012277
Condition: NEW
Corvette Heater Core, 1984-1996
Model: 1008000
Condition: NEW
Corvette Heater Core, Without Air Conditioning, Copper/Brass Design, 1968-1979
Model: 3942984
Condition: NEW
The formed tanks, channels, and tubes on this C3 Corvette Heater Core are brass. The water channels and air fins are roll formed from a copper ribbon. The assembly is held together with a flux and solder dipping process to prevent…
Corvette Air Conditioning/Heater Case Seal Kit, 1963-1967
Model: 1010286
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original   Heater box seals are a critical replacement when working on any heater box. These seals create an air-tight seam among critical heater box components. Using low quality or used seals will…
Corvette Heater Core, 1956-1962
Model: 1006564
Condition: NEW
Suggested to order a heater gasket kit at the same time …
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