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Corvette Brake Distribution Block, Rear, Left, 1965-1982
Model: 1000526
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original1965 with 1/4" Front To Rear Line1966-82  …
Corvette Brake Distribution Block, Right, Rear, 1963-1982
Model: 1000522
Condition: NEW
For Chevrolet Corvette fans, momentum from small block and big block V8 engines is celebrated as a source of pride with second generation (C2) and third generation (C3) models. Braking in general may lack the excitement as engine…
Corvette Brake Hose Set, Braided Stainless Steel, 1963-1982
Model: 1002208
Condition: NEW
Every time you apply the brakes, the factory rubber hoses expand under hydraulic pressure. Even a small amount of expansion is enough to make the pedal seem soft. Braided stainless brake hoses give you more confidence by delivering a…
Corvette Brake Proportioning Valve, 1978-1982
Model: 1024878
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes Brake Warning Light Switch …
Corvette Brake Hose, Rear, 1963-1982
Model: 1000524
Condition: NEW
This automotive brake hydraulic hose was precision-engineered to match the fit, function and performance of the original brake hose on specific vehicles and positions to ensure safe, long-lasting durability as part of a complete brake…
Corvette Brake Line Kit, Steel, with Power Brakes, 1974-1982
Model: 1002471
Condition: NEW
This brake line kit is available in the original factory correct Tin Bundy Weld (TBW) steel tubing with factory correct nuts or you can choose to "Upgrade to Stainless Steel Lines" below for a slight upcharge.  Our Complete…
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp, 1/4" Line Clip 1/4" Bolt Hole
Model: 3115751
Condition: NEW
This is a 1/4" and 1/4" line clip   …
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp, 3/8" Line Clip 1/4" Bolt Hole
Model: 3115752
Condition: NEW
This is a 3/8" and 1/4" line clip …
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp Bolt, 5/16" x 18 Thread
Model: 3115753
Condition: NEW
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp Bolt  …
Brake & Fuel Line Clamp, 3/16" Line Clip 1/4" Bolt Hole
Model: 3115749
Condition: NEW
This is a 3/16" and 1/4" line clip …
Corvette Brake & Fuel Line Clip Kit, 1970-1973
Model: 1026337
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 28-Piece Kit Base Engines L46 350hp LS5 390/365/270hp, L82 250hp, L48 190hp   …
$40.99 kt $38.04
Corvette Brake Proportioning Valve, 1970-1973
Model: 1028298
Condition: NEW
$132.99 ea $122.06
Corvette Brake Distribution Block, Left Front, 1965-1968
Model: 1004532
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Fits 1965-66 With Power Brake & 1/4" Front To  Rear Brake Line Fits 1967-68 All …
Right Stuff 74-82 Chevrolet Corvette Brake Hydraulic Line Clip , N/A VCS7401
Model: 3498389
Condition: NEW
74 - 82 All Cars - Brake Fuel Clip Set 28 Pcs. …
Corvette Brake & Fuel Line Clip Kit, 1969-1970
Model: 1030132
Condition: NEW
1969-70 CORVETTE | PART# CL-6S22 Piece Brake & Fuel Line Clip Set.Base Engines:L46 350hp, L36 390hp, LS5 390hp.Without Left Side Vapor Return …
$51.99 kt $48.58
Corvette Brake Line Hose, Rubber Front or Rear, 1953-1962
$19.99 ea $18.36
Corvette Braided Brake Hose Set, Stainless Steel, 1984-1987
$337.99 st $317.32
Corvette Brake Proportioning Valve, 1969
Model: 1002665
Condition: NEW
$122.06 ea $122.06
Corvette Brake & Fuel Line Clip Kit, 1958-1962
Model: 1004544
Condition: NEW
$61.99 ea $50.49
Corvette Brake Caliper Line, Right Rear, Steel, 1967-1982
Model: 3268887
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original   For restorers the availability of pre-bent, reproduction steel brake lines is a blessing. Why, because fabricating brake lines at home with the correct length, bends, armor, fittings and…
Corvette Brake Line Clips, 34 Piece, 1971-1973
Model: 1016176
Condition: NEW
$42.99 ea $36.78
Corvette Brake & Fuel Line Clip Set, 1970-1972
Model: 1030130
Condition: NEW
LS7 465hp, LT1 370, 330,255hp, LS6 425hp, ZL1 330hp. With left side vapor return without right side fuel return. …
$32.99 kt $23.76
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