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Classic Headquarters Replacement Window Crank, Black Knob W-407
Model: 2031278
Condition: NEW
Superior quality reproduction of GM replacement window crank handle. Chrome diecast with correct design and color knob. The manufacturing and tooling ensure quality materials with correct length internal splines for tight engagement with…
Corvette Door Sill Plates, Pair, 1968-1977
Model: 1001947
Condition: NEW
Protecting the lower door frame for third generation Chevrolet Corvettes produced between 1968 and 1977, this pair of door sill plates is an effective replacement for missing or corroded stock components  For installation on…
Redline Restomotive® 1968-1977 Chevrolet Corvette Door Panel Mounting Hardware Kit
Model: 1002603
Condition: NEW
This 1968-1977 Door Panel Clips and Mounting Kit includes the fasteners required to mount your panels, the S shaped clips and screws, and the long phillips screws.  Everything you need to mount your door panels.  Makes door…
Corvette Door Lock Knobs, Inside, Import, 1968-1977
Model: 1024686
Condition: NEW
The Corvette Door Lock Knobs replace worn or broken old knobs while improving the interior of your vehicle. Everyone who has tried to exit or enter a locked vehicle notices the satisfying unlatching of the door lock displayed by your door…
Corvette Armrest Repair Kit, 1978-1982
Model: 1000282
Condition: NEW
Save broken armrests using the Corvette Armrest Repair Kit and maintain the beauty of your vehicle’s interior. Kit contains a metal insert and two special screws, enough to repair one left-hand or right-hand…
Redline Restomotive® Window Crank & Lock Knob / Handle Retaining Clip Set
Model: 1002078
Condition: NEW
Secure your window crank and lock knob in place with our Retaining Clip. Engineered for durability and precision fitment, this clip ensures your interior components remain securely attached, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of…
Corvette Door Panel Defroster Bezel, Upper Left, 1984-1989
Model: 1024508
Condition: NEW
This new reproduction of the 1984-1989 Corvette door panel upper left defroster outlet bezel trim mounts to the door panel cover and directs defrost to glass. It is an important component to ensuring that your vehicles glass does not…
OER 1968-90 GM Chrome Ribbed Diecast Door Lock Knobs K546
Model: 3446653
Condition: NEW
These die-cast, ribbed, door lock knobs are heavy-duty die-cast reproductions of the original ribbed style door lock knobs found on a wide variety of GM models from 1968-90 including (but not limited to) the models listed below. Each set…
Corvette America 1969-1977 Chevrolet Corvette Special Black Inner Door Handles 44920
Model: 1016156
Condition: NEW
These door handles are dyed black versus molded in black. No warranty if paint peels. …
Corvette Inside Door Lock Knob, 1978-1982
Model: 1001550
Condition: NEW
Any Corvette owner wants to ensure that only right people are allowed inside their prized machine. This inside door lock knob for Chevrolet Corvettes produced between 1978 and 1982 is an ideal replacement for replacing broken or missing…
OER #8 x 3/4" Oval Phillips Head Screw, Chrome Plated, Set of 8 *R492
Model: 3442013
Condition: NEW
Original style oval head chrome screw set designed to install sill plates and other various components and parts. Includes 8 chrome phillips oval head #8 x 3/4" screws. Set includes 8 phillips oval head screws. Use as required. Can be…
GM Door Panel Trim Retainer, 9883583
Model: 3102055
Condition: NEW
This white coloured nylon retainer is ideal for use in the restoration of an interior or for replacing a loose door panel on a wide variety of General Motors vehicles. Door panel trim retainer 1949 White nylon Top head diameter…
Corvette Bezel, Power Window & Door Lock Switch, 1984-1990
Model: 1008120
Condition: NEW
Fits 1984-1990 Power Window Switch & 1986-1989 Door Lock Switch Replaces Original GM Part Number 20401575  …
68-77 Door Decal - Inside Door Release Handle Decals
Model: 1002254
Condition: NEW
These C3 Corvette door handle decals are aluminum. The crossed flag design is debossed. The black, red, and white parts are painted, whereas the outlines of the flags are shiny, unpainted aluminum. The rear of the emblem is coated with…
Corvette Inside Door Lock Knob, 1968-1977
Model: 1000362
Condition: NEW
Our Interior Door Lock Knob is reproduced for a direct fit with the 1968-1977 Corvette. Stock Replacement Does not Come with Lock Knob Clip   …
Corvette Black Sill Ease Protectors, With White Letters, 1990-1996
Model: 1004362
Condition: NEW
Sill Ease wraparound sill protectors are made of ABS. Pressure fit installation. Prevents Premature Wear Hides Existing Scuffs   …
Corvette Inside Door Handle Bezels, 1978-1982
Model: 3464478
Reproduction of Original Door Handle Bezels that Went Behind the Inside Door Handles …
Corvette Door Pull Straps, 1965, 1969-1977
Model: 3464477
Car doors pull straps are an often-overlooked portion or a car’s interior. With the limited of car will door pull straps today, they are a defining characteristic of a classic automobile and notice by any passenger when closing their…
Corvette Door Panel Retainer Clip, 1968-1977
Model: 1027877
Condition: NEW
The right pieces are a necessity for the tasteful restoration of a third generation (C3) Chevrolet Corvette. This door panel retainer clip for Corvettes produced between 1968 and 1977 is required to secure to interior door panel to the…
Corvette Door Sill Water Diverter, Right, 1972-1977
Model: 1002626
Condition: NEW
  Can Be Used On 1972-73 Corvettes Which Did Not Have This Upgrade Keeps Water From Coming Into The Car And Onto Expensive Seat Belt Retractors   …
Corvette Door Sill Plates, Set of 2, 1978-1982
Model: 1024556
Condition: NEW
Many Corvette owners go to painstaking measures to maintain and protect their sports car. Serving to shield the lower door frame from potential dirt, scratches or other impacts, the original door sill plates on a classic third generation…
Corvette Inside Door Lock Knob, Manual Slide, 1984-1989
Model: 1013007
Condition: NEW
While the fourth generation (C4) Chevrolet Corvette demonstrated some incredible advances in technology and comfort, designers of sports car continued to employ a simple, reliable manual slide inner door lock knob. This inner door lock…
Corvette Inside Door Window Handle Crank, Black Knob, 1967-1979
Model: 1000363
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Chrome Over Die Cast Black Knob …
Corvette America 1978-1982 Chevrolet Corvette Door Latch Bezels
Model: 3118371
Good Quality Reproduction Injection Molded Plastic Painted In Most Factory Colors Vacuum Formed Chrome Edge Includes Left & Right Sides These bezels are painted as close to factory original as possible. However…
Corvette America 1978-1982 Chevrolet Corvette Door Panel RH
Model: 3199219
Window seal is attached with staples as original. Carpet is exact match to our complete carpet sets.   …
GM Door Panel Trim Retainer, 363137
Model: 3102077
Condition: NEW
Trim Panel Retainer White Nylon Top Head Diameter: 5/8" Bottom Head Diameter: 3/4" Stem Diameter: 5/16" Stem Length: 1" …
Corvette America 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Door Handles Inner
Model: 3117301
Available in All Original Colors …
Corvette America 1970-1976 Chevrolet Corvette Door Panel LH
Model: 3104195
Transfer trim hardware from your existing door panel to create either a standard or deluxe door panel. Window seal is attached with staples as original.   Reproduction Of Original   …
1984-1996 Corvette Quiet Ride Solutions "Whisper Quiet" Door Panel Insulators Left & Right
Model: 1002214
Condition: NEW
  Original Equipment On 1990-96 Models Greatly Reduces Road Noise Tape Into Place   …
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