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Redline Restomotive® Corvette Anti-Rattle Door Window Bumpers, 1969-1996
Model: 1001959
Condition: NEW
C3 and C4 Corvette door glass anti-rattle cushion pad kit, felt covered. Includes 4-cushions and 4-metric bolts. Replaces Worn Bumpers Stops Window Rattles Prevents Window Scratches   …
 Redline Restomotive® Corvette Anti-Rattle Door Window Bumper, 1969-1996
Model: 1002692
Condition: NEW
  2 Required For Each Door Replaces Worn Bumpers Stops Window Rattles Prevents Window Scratches Comes with Bolt   …
OER Windshield and Back Glass Ribbon Sealer K4122
Model: 3446507
Condition: NEW
OER® Authorized reproduction ribbon seal for installing front windshield or back glass of vehicles that are not originally equipped with a molded window gasket. This installation sealer offers the unique feature of controlled…
Corvette Door Window Track/Lift Arm Rebuild Kit, 1968-1977
Model: 1002506
Condition: NEW
  7-Piece Kit Restores Raising & Lowering Of Window To Like-New With All Key Components For One Window 1968-1977 kit includes 3-Lift Channel Bushings, 1-Lift Bushing Cap, 1-Front Glass Bearing Fastener, 1-Window Guide…
Corvette Door Window Track/Lift Arm Rebuild Kit, 1978-1982
Model: 1028897
Condition: NEW
  9-Piece Kit Restores Raising & Lowering Of Window To Like-New With All Key Components For One Window   …
Corvette Seam Caulk, Body Door Windshield, 1953-1982
Model: 1001759
Condition: NEW
Black, soft, non-hardening caulking material in one foot lengths for use in all types of seams, joints and openings. This product is easily thumbed into place and smoothed with a finger. It may be painted immediately. Great for use…
Corvette Windshield, Tinted, 1973-1977
Model: 1005133
Condition: NEW
Corvette Window Lift Channel Bushing, 1968-1982
Model: 1002028
Condition: NEW
  Six Required Per Window   …
Corvette Window Track Rollers With Rivets, 1956-1967
Model: 1008858
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original 12-Piece Kit (6 Rollers &   6 Rivets) 1956-1962 Uses 16 Pieces and 1963-1967 Uses 12 Pieces  The door window regulator roller and rivet are an important part of your Corvette’s…
Corvette Windshield Weatherstrip Retainer, 1984-1996
Model: 3249004
Condition: NEW
  Show Quality Reproduction Correct Metal Construction Convenient Pre-Attached Foam Used To Hold Weatherstrip To Windshield Upper Replaces Rusted Or Damaged Originals Your factory C4 1984-1996 Corvette uses windshield…
Corvette Convertible Lock Pillar Wedges, Late 1969-1975
$34.99 pr $28.34
Corvette Door Glass, Tinted, Right, 1984-1996
Model: 1001815
Condition: NEW
Tired of seeing scratches in your door glass?, replace it with this new high quality replacement glass.   Replacement Glass Quality Manufactured   …
Corvette Windshield Sealer & Bedding Compound, 1953-1967
Model: 1032995
Condition: NEW
Non-hardening, pliable, water-resistant, medium-bodied sealer for sealing auto seams and between windshield rubber and windshield frame or body. Can be used as a supplementary sealer for auto glass installation. …
$43.99 ea $37.45
Corvette Rear Glass, Non Date-Coded, Coupe, Tinted, 1968-1972
Model: 1026327
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Glass Exact As Original Except No Date Codes   …
$116.99 ea $96.69
Corvette Rear Window Guide Wedge, 1968-1972
Model: 1011400
Condition: NEW
Lower Diecast Alignment Pin, Reproduction of Original …
$21.99 ea $18.48
Corvette Windshield, Tinted, 1968-1972
Model: 1005132
Condition: NEW
Corvette Rear Window Nylon Lock Wedge, 1969-1972
Model: 3428821
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of Original …
$19.99 ea $16.01
Corvette Window Stop Bumpers, Upper 4 Piece, 1956-1962
Model: 1008555
Condition: NEW
$19.99 st $12.90
Corvette Window Stop Bumpers, Lower, 1956-1962
Model: 1006394
Condition: NEW
$29.99 pr $25.40
Corvette Door Glass, Tinted Convertible Right, 1968-1975
Model: 1005135
Condition: NEW
NOTE: When using this glass on a 1968-1969E you will need to purchase 1969-1982 Corvette Door Glass Channel Part #3166968. …
$384.99 ea $314.52
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