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Corvette Heater Hose Kit, With Air Conditioning, Small & Big Block, No Logo, 1968-1982
Model: 1033376
Condition: NEW
If you don't require the GM Logo on your heater hose but want the formed ends like original, then this is the kit for you. Same as the original at less than half the price. Replacement Kit Formed Like Original No GM…
Corvette Heater Hoses, With GM Lettering, 1958-1982
Model: 1013449
Condition: NEW
These Heater Hoses Include Gm Lettering.These hoses fit 1958L-1960 All, 63-67 All, & 68-82 exc. A/C. …
OER Heater Hose Bracket Set - Various GM Applications K556
Model: 3446657
Condition: NEW
This hose bracket set is designed to secure a pair of heater hoses to the inner fender skirt and the alternator bracket to prevent damage of the hoses and keep the engine compartment neat and tidy in appearance. Officially Licensed GM…
Corvette Hose Retainer, 1965-1980
Model: 1010155
Condition: NEW
Corvette Heater Hose Water "T", 1963-1972
Model: 1006704
Condition: NEW
$16.99 ea $12.84
Corvette Heater Hose Kit, With Air Conditioning, Small & Big Block, 1968-1982
Model: 1002514
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 3/4" Water Pump Hose Is Non-Ribbed Style With Molded Ends 5/8" Non-Ribbed Intake Manifold Hose Has Molded Ends With GM Printed In White   …
Corvette Hose Cover Kit, Universal, Stainless Steel, With Chrome Clamps
Model: 1025027
Condition: NEW
Economical kit includes flexible sleeve and fittings for vacuum/fuel lines and heater/radiator hoses. Simply slip the sleeve over your hose or line, cut to length and secure with clamp.Kit Includes:3 Ft. Vacuum Hose Sleeving4 Ft. Fuel Hose…
Corvette Radiator/Heater Hose Clamp Kit, 250/300, 1963-1967
Model: 1031361
Condition: NEW
Heater/radiator hose clamps, 250/300 h.p. 20 peice kit. …
Corvette Radiator Hose Lower, Correct, 1958-1962
Model: 1005223
Condition: NEW
  With GM #3754505   …
Corvette Heater Hoses, 1958-1982
Model: 1013448
Condition: NEW
Heater Hoses Do Not Include Gm Lettering. These hoses now fit 1958L-1960 All, 63-67 All, & 68-82 exc. A/C.Hoses may require cutting depending on application. …
Corvette Radiator Hose, Lower, 427, 1966-1968
Model: 1005233
Condition: NEW
Lower radiator hose with reinforcement spring. Hose is stamped with #3882826 and GM logo. 1966-67 All w/427 exc. L-88. 1968 w/H.D. 427. …
Corvette Radiator Hose, Upper, With 1-1/4" Inside Diameter Inlet, Late 1979-1982
Model: 1002336
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Radiator Hose For Corvette Correct Hose Dimensions Without GM Logo Or Part Number Stamping May Have Aftermarket Manufacturer's Part Number On Hoses Heavy, Molded Reinforced Rubber As Original Use with…
Corvette Radiator Hose, Small Block Manual without Air Conditioning, Lower, 1968-1972
Model: 1031343
Condition: NEW
Lower radiator hose w/ reinforcement spring, all w/aluminum radiator or copper replacement exc. Sp.Hi.Perf, A/C or Turbo Hydramatic. Hose is stamped with #3917669 and GM logo. …
Corvette Rad Hose, Uppr 350 with Auto And/Or Air Conditioning, 1969-1976 Early
Model: 1010918
Condition: NEW
Upper radiator hose, all S.B. w/copper radiator. Hose is stamped with #3946852 and GM logo. …
Corvette Rad Hose, Upper Big Block, 1969-1972
Model: 1005235
Condition: NEW
Upper radiator hose. Hose is stamped with #3967433 and GM logo.L1969 All 427 w/P/S.1970-72 All w/454 exc. H.D. radiator. …
Corvette Hose Clamp Kit, 350, 1975-1979
Model: 1002762
Condition: NEW
  Small Block Without Air Conditioning 13 Piece Set 1975 with Hot Water Shutoff Valve All 1976-1979 Early   …
$42.99 kt $33.44
Corvette Hose Clamp Kit, 327, 1963-1968 Early
Model: 1002721
Condition: NEW
$10.99 st $8.99
Corvette Heater Hose Clamp to Inner Fender, 1963-1968
Model: 3123168
Condition: NEW
1963-1968 327 with Air Conditioning uses 1 1966-1968 427 with Air Conditioning uses 2 1966-1968 427 without Air Conditioning uses 1 Includes Bolts and Nuts …
Corvette Radiator Hose, Upper 427, 1966-1967
Model: 1005230
Condition: NEW
Upper radiator hose, all w/427. exc. L-88 & A.I.R. Hose is stamped with #3906615, GM logo & blue stripe. …
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