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Corvette Roof Panel Lock Adjustment Bolt, 1969-1977
Model: 1001998
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original 3/8" Head …
Corvette Roof Panel Lock Screw, Rear, Coupe, 1984-1996
Model: 1002567
Condition: NEW
Roof panels will protect you from the unassuming weather conditions. While you may not think that much water can get inside your vehicle and damage your inner panels, over time it can ruin your inner panels and leaving your interior…
Corvette Roof Bushing, Center T Bar Housing, 1968-1982
Model: 1032343
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 4 Required Per Car This Corvette reproduction roof bushing has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit and…
Corvette Roof Panel Lock Adjustment Bolt, 1978-1982
Model: 1028061
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original 1/2" Head     …
Corvette T-Top Repair Kit, 1978-1982
Model: 1028458
Condition: NEW
Snug up the fit and the lock-down of your t-tops with this kit which contains:   two stainless steel rod ends two plastic rear bushings two black caps eight screws for the weatherstrips four screws for the tongue…
Corvette Roof Hardware Attaching Bolts, 1984-1996
Model: 3116091
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of Original, Torx Head …
Corvette Roof Panel, Smoke Gray Acrylic, 1-Piece, 1968-1982
Model: 1029735
Condition: NEW
Patented one-piece engineered for a custom fit replacement right over the "T" bar of your Corvette, eliminating center gap air and water leaks. AIt is lightweight (only 17 lbs.) and stores neatly behind the seats when not in…
Corvette Roof Lock Trim Pin Plate, Right, 1968-1977
Model: 1007781
Condition: NEW
  Stainless Steel Includes Stainless Steel Screws …
Corvette Retainer, T-Top Side Weatherstrip, Right, 1970-1977Early
Model: 1028531
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Stainless Steel   …
$60.99 $57.95
Corvette T-Top Side Weatherstrip Retainer, Left, For Painted Roof, 1970-1977Early
Model: 1028530
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original For Painted T-Tops, Not Glass Stainless Steel Construction   …
$60.99 ea $57.95
76-82 T-top Center Align Lock Plate - 1976 Late
Model: 1015255
Condition: NEW
After May 1976. This plate can be used for 1968-1976 early if used with bolt, part # 281054.LATCHES LOCKS T TOPS TTOPS ROOF PANELS…
$25.99 ea $22.03
Corvette Roof Locator Kit, Coupe, Rear, 1984-1996
Model: 1002624
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original Complete Kit for Corvette   …
86-96 Roof Panel Front Hold Down Plate/ Hardtop Side Bolts
Model: 1029422
Condition: NEW
78-82 Corvette Removable Top Latch, Left Hand Front, Each
Model: 3238760
Condition: NEW
Are you missing the hold down pin on either your convertible top latch or T-top latch?? Has the rubber coating on the handle peeled off?? Then replace them with a new one from Trim Parts! GM licensed latches that come with the correct…
$104.51 ea $104.51
Corvette Roof Install and Adjustment Wrench, 1984-1986 Early
Model: 3116094
Condition: NEW
84-early86 roof installation wrench for front locating cones on first design roofs.  This thin wrench is required to tighten the cone in place while the roof is bolted to the car. …
Corvette T-Top Carrier Nut, in Body, 1980-1982
Model: 1028064
Condition: NEW
$56.99 $42.23
Corvette Pillar Roof Lock Pin, Rear, 1968-1977
Model: 3166587
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original …
$9.99 ea $8.62
Corvette Pins, Roof Rear Location, Coupe, 1997-2019
Model: 3127982
Condition: NEW
  Replacement …
$46.99 pr $30.31
Corvette Roof Panel Latches, Front, 2005-2013
Model: 1028314
Condition: NEW
  Includes Bolts and Washers   …
Corvette T-Top Rear Center Alignment Housing, Left, 1968-1982
$148.99 ea $107.77
Corvette Roof Front Locator Cone, 1984-1986 Early
Model: 3116096
Condition: NEW
$24.99 ea $19.18
Corvette Roof Hold Down Plate, Front, Late 1986-1988
Model: 1029322
Condition: NEW
$24.99 $16.65
Corvette Roof Housing, Center T Bar, Right Front, 1968-1982
Model: 1029207
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original Includes Bushing …
$148.99 ea $92.87
Corvette Header Corner Bracket, Left Windshield, 1989-1996
$463.99 ea $301.43
Corvette T-Top Adjusting Bolt, 1968-1969
Model: 1015453
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea $7.82
Corvette T-Top Rod Extension, 1978-1982
Model: 1015254
Condition: NEW
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