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Corvette Oil Pressure Sender, 1974-1981
Model: 1009334
Condition: NEW
Corvette Oil Temperature Sensor, 1990-1996
Model: 3249735
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement 1990-91 L98 1990-91 LT5 1992-96 LT1/LT4 3 Terminals 1/4-18 Thread Located On Right Side Of Engine Block Above Oil…
Corvette Idle Air Control Valve, 1982-1984
Model: 3138747
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Valve   …
Corvette Temperature Sender Variable Resistor, 1957-1978
Model: 3123169
Condition: NEW
This is a resistor that can be installed in line in your temp wire. It can be set to your engine temperature for gauge accuracy. The number of degrees of engine temperature change on the dash gauge varies greatly with the values of the…
Corvette Engine Coolant Temperature Sending Unit, 1979-1980
$42.99 ea $39.51
Corvette Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, 1981-1991
Model: 1028937
Condition: NEW
Replacement SensorFits All Engines Except ZR1 (LT5)Located In Cylinder HeadOperates Temperature Gauge In Dash…
$59.99 $48.49
Corvette Air Conditioning Clutch Cycling Switch, LT5, 1990-1991
Model: 1024835
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement Fits 1990-91 ZR1   …
$48.99 ea $32.71
Corvette Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, 1981-1991
Model: 1027685
Condition: NEW
If Replacement Pigtail is Needed Use Part #1P1006…
$37.99 $29.82
Corvette Exhaust Oxygen Sensor, 1982-1986
Model: 1027684
Condition: NEW
$31.99 ea $28.39
Corvette Temperature Sending Unit Lead Repair Kit, 1972-1976
$23.99 ea $19.73
Corvette M.A.P. Sensor, 90-1991 L98,92-3 LT-1, 1982-1996
Model: 1007945
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement This stock replacement manifold absolute pressure sensor is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement part. You will find the fit, finish and function meets all GM…
$68.99 ea $55.50
Corvette Throttle Position Sensor, 1982-1984
Model: 1007947
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement This stock replacement throttle position sensor is manufactured by GM or by one of its authorized suppliers for use as a factory replacement part. You will find the fit and function meets all GM specifications. …
Corvette Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor, 1985-1996
Model: 3240015
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Sensor Black Wire Connector End Solid Probe 1985-91 Located Under Plenum 1992-96 Located In Water Pump For Computer Input This Corvette replacement engine coolant temperature sensor has been…
$57.99 ea $47.65
Corvette Oil Pressure Sender, Late 1984-1989
Model: 1032894
Condition: NEW
Replacement Sender1 Terminal1/8-27 Thread…
$51.99 $32.11
Corvette Temperature Sender Wire Loom, 1963-1967
Model: 1030084
Condition: NEW
$7.99 $5.58
Corvette Temp Sender In Head, 2 Slide Termnal, 1970-1972
$42.99 ea $40.80
Corvette Intake Air Temperature Sensor Relocating Kit, 1985-1991
Model: 3476658
Your 1985-91 MAT sensor's stock location is near a great deal of heat, causing loss of performance. Our MAT Sensor Relocating Kit moves the sensor to allow cooler ambient temperature readings. Requires drilling a 7/8" hole in the air…
Corvette Throttle Position Sensor, 1992-1993
Model: 3194526
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement …
$47.99 ea $43.37
MSD TPS/IAC Kit 2942
Model: 3185493
Condition: NEW
When you run an LS engine, performance begins with the introduction of air into the intake manifold. MSD's new 90mm LS Throttle Body answers the need for a high quality throttle body with a mechanical throttle mechanism that bolts to most…
Corvette Engine Oil Level Sensor Seal, 1990-1996
Model: 3151539
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement …
$9.99 ea $5.59
Corvette Vehicle Speed Sensor, with 4L60E Automatic, 1994-1996
Model: 1032812
Condition: NEW
Sensor housing is made from high quality reinforced plastic, offering superior resistance to the elements OE connectors and terminals made from premium material are used Rigorously tested to meet or exceed manufacturer's…
$38.99 $25.16
Corvette Electronic Spark Control Module, 1990-1995
Model: 1032807
Condition: NEW
$578.99 $405.96
Corvette Oxygen Sensor, LT-1, 1987-1993
Model: 1011871
Condition: NEW
$63.99 ea $49.73
Max Performance Spark Knock Sensor| 3H6 Corvette 1987-1989
Model: 3244572
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Sensor This Corvette replacement spark knock sensor has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your Corvette. …
$53.99 ea $44.94
Corvette Oil Pressure Sensor, 1984-1987
Model: 1029961
Condition: NEW
$21.99 $15.10
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