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Corvette Induction Power Coupler, 1990-1993
Model: 1028997
Condition: NEW
Provides Uninterrupted Air Flow Replaces Stock Duct Allow for more air flow to your 1990-1993 Corvette's engine by replacing the restrictive accordion coupler with our high performance Power Coupler. This coupler will…
Corvette Induction Power Coupler, 1985-1989
Model: 1029170
Condition: NEW
  Provides Uninterrupted Air Flow Replaces Stock Duct Includes Clamps   …
$72.99 ea $68.82
Corvette Air Cleaner Lid Bolt, 1985-1996
Model: 1027727
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement 2 Required Per Car 1985-1989 All 1990-1996 Outer   …
Corvette Air Filter Lid, Modified Performance, 1985-1989
Model: 1032364
Condition: NEW
39 CFM Great Air Flow Precision Machined The stock 1985-96 air filter lid and is opened up in the center to a precise, flow-tested dimension. The result is greater air-flow and more power. To realize even greater gains, install a…
Corvette Outer Air Cleaner Intake Duct, 1978-1981
Model: 1001483
Condition: NEW
New reproduction plastic intake ducting. Mounts on the inner right (passenger) side fender to direct fresh air into the air cleaner assembly. GM Part #472713 Stock Replacement Fits 1978 With L82 Fits 1979-81 All   …
Corvette Vararam Velocity Stack, 1997-2004
Model: 1027430
Condition: NEW
In just minutes you can add the VR Velocity Stack to your C5 or Z06 throttle body and gain horsepower and torque that you can feel in the seat of your pants. The stack reshapes the throttle body housing to greatly improve air flow…
$59.99 ea $56.16
Corvette Air Intake Housing, 1985-1989
Model: 1007803
Condition: NEW
$262.99 ea $218.21
Corvette Intake Air Temperature Sensor Relocating Kit, L98,1985-1991
Model: 3147768
Condition: NEW
The Air Temperature Relocating Kit repositions your engine's air intake temperature sensor from the hot plenum area to the air filter base where it can sense cooler air. This enables the ECM to adjust the fuel to more accurate air…
$103.99 kt $87.62
Corvette Hi-Flow Power Intake Coupler, Red, 1997-2004
Model: 3220152
Condition: NEW
A revolutionary redesign of the Chevrolet Corvette, the fifth generation (C5) version of the performance machine was in position to recapture the performance and allure of classic models through the use of modern engineering. The all-new…
$70.99 ea $66.76
Corvette Insulator, Air Cleaner Housing & Duct, 1997-2004
$9.99 ea $8.97
Corvette Air Cleaner Retainer, 2nd Position, 1997-2004
Model: 1011933
Condition: NEW
  Stock Replacement Fits In Second Position   …
$28.99 ea $27.84
Corvette Air Cleaner Element Cover, 1985-1989
Model: 1007808
Condition: NEW
$179.99 ea $144.96
Corvette aFe Magnum Pro Dry S Air Filter, 2014-2017
Model: 3132209
Condition: NEW
  Oil-Free, Pro DRY S 3-Layer Progressive Porosity Synthetic Media for maximum convenience 100% Polyurethane Full Frame For Extra Long Filter Life Washable and Reusable for Multiple Cleaning Cycles Up to 42% increase in…
$181.99 ea $145.94
GM 1976-1979 Chevrolet Corvette Single Snorkel Air Cleaner Intake Duct L48 USED 379974
Model: 4018181
Condition: USED
Original GM Intake Housing, GM Part #379974 …
Corvette Upper Air Cleaner Housing, Right, 2005-2007
Model: 1029878
Condition: NEW
#7 in PictureGM #10342022…
$208.99 $131.38
Corvette Rear Air Intake Duct, with Sensor, 1993-1994
Model: 1029877
Condition: NEW
GM #25099266…
$417.99 $261.94
Corvette Air Intake Duct Clamp, Rear, 1985-1993
Model: 1007807
Condition: NEW
Except ZR-1 …
$7.99 ea $5.52
Corvette Hi-Flow Power Intake Coupler, Black, 1997-2004
Model: 3251019
Condition: NEW
  Silicone Coupler Includes (2) Clamps Used for stock air duct only Replace the restrictive accordian coupler on your LS1 and LS6 with this High Flow Power Coupler and increase air flow and performance. …
Corvette Throttle Body Air Duct, Hi-Performance, Black, 1997-2004
Model: 1024549
Condition: NEW
Installing this part adds horsepower because the stock accordion style duct creates turbulence air as it enters the throttle body. This hi-performance model, made of silicone, smoothes out the airflow for an uninterrupted charge. Mounts…
Corvette C5 Vararam Power Duct, 2001-2004
Model: 3255606
Condition: NEW
  Superior Quality Construction Flows Quicker Air For More Horsepower! Full Adjustability This Enables The Unit To Fit A Wide Range Of Intake Combinations After hundreds of hours on the flow bench comparing the VR design to…
Corvette Air Intake Housing Retainer Screw, 1985-1989
Model: 1029489
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of Original Replaces Missing or Broken Studs & Retainers 2 Required per Car Installs in Seconds The stud and retainer that hold the front air intake duct to the radiator shroud is often missing. …
Corvette Power Coupler, Red with Clamps, LS3/LS7, 2006-2013
Model: 1029087
Condition: NEW
Allow for more air flow to your 2006-2013 Corvette's engine by replacing the restrictive accordion coupler with our high performance Power Coupler. This coupler will increase air flow and performance and is designed to work on…
Corvette Air Induction, Blackwing, LS1, SLP, 1997-2000
Model: 1027449
Condition: NEW
The Blackwing LS1 air induction looks like a factory installed part and adds big horsepower and torque figures. A special, high-temperature plastic housing mounts on the stock cushions and clamps to the stock intake.   Yields…
Corvette Air Intake Bridge Decal, Red/Black, 2005-2013
Model: 1025106
Condition: NEW
Because much of the engine compartment in a C6 is made of black plastic its easy to give it a simple visual upgrade. By applying an air intake bridge decal in your Corvettes engine bay youll get an immediate enhancement in just…
Corvette MAF (Mass Air Flow) Housing With Fin, 1994-2004
Model: 1024523
Condition: NEW
Improved flow and a cooler, more dense change are yours with this 1000cfm housing. Unlike the stock aluminum housing, which acts like a heat sink, this machined nylon unit provides cooler air which gives your Corvette more…
GM 1979-1981 Chevrolet Corvette Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner Intake Duct USED 14016116
Model: 4018182
Condition: USED
Original GM Intake Housing, GM Part #14016116 …
Corvette Air Intake Duct, Front, 1976-1978
Model: 3103581
Condition: NEW
Used on all 76-77 and 78 L-48 …
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