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Corvette Spark Plugs, Set of 8, R45TS, Small Block, AC Delco, 1976-1984
Model: 1002339
Condition: NEW
ACDelco has a "totally correct" spark plug for your Corvette's engine. Sure, others work, but none will perfectly complement the ignition system. ACDelco spark plugs are designed to achieve the optimum in engine performance when used in…
$27.99 st
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Small Block, Accel Superstock Yellow Wire, 1976-1982
Model: 1028520
Condition: NEW
ACCEL's SuperStock 4000 series spark plug wire sets are designed to upgrade an OE ignition system for high-spark delivery levels for street driven applications. The 450 degree F rated silicone jacket is extruded over a tightly woven…
$79.99 st
Chevrolet Wire Looms, Chrome and Black
Model: 3089638
Condition: NEW
$28.99 pr
Corvette Spark Plug Wire Shields, Small Block, 1957-1979
Model: 1024668
Condition: NEW
  Reproductions Of Original Helps Stop Radio Interference 4-Piece Set   …
$40.99 st
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, AC Delco, 1984
Model: 1009755
Condition: NEW
$114.99 st
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, Red, Spiro-Pro, Taylor, 1984
Model: 3188070
Condition: NEW
  Taylor's Best Corvette Wire Suppresses Radio Noise Interference   This 8mm wire features silicone inner and outer sleeves, a spiral wound metal core, silicone boots and a fiberglass braid to prevent breakdown of the…
$108.99 st
Corvette Spark Plug Wires, 1985-1991
Model: 3169484
Condition: NEW
  Replacement Wires Manufactured With Packard Wire, Same As Original GM Wires Correct OHMS Resistance/Foot Correct Lengths &amp Instructions Correct Premium Boots/Terminals Kevlar Wrapped…
$58.99 st
Billet Aluminum 9.5 MM Wire Loom Set, Finned, Black
Model: 3103340
Condition: NEW
Finned Black Powder Coated Four Adjustable L-Brackets Fits Up To 9.5 MM Wire Installation Hardware Included Will Not Fit Bolt Valve Covers Messy and cluttered wires are a pain to deal with. Organizing your spark plug…
$67.99 st
Corvette Spark Plugs, Small Block, Rapidfire, #7, AC Delco, 1956-1970
Model: 1028659
Condition: NEW
ACDelco Rapidfire Spark Plugs feature an electrode system that can revolutionize your engine's performance. The splined, multi-point center electrode and extended ground electrode with a tapered center are what produce better combustion…
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