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Electric Fans

Electric Fans
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Corvette Dual Electric Radiator Cooling Fan System, 1965-1982
Model: 1028178
Condition: NEW
The Flex-A-Lite Dual Electric Radiator Fan System is the most powerful system on the market today. It pulls 2500 CFM and totally eliminates the need for the stock fan and shroud. The dual 12" fans fit compactly in a shroud area and…
$606.99 kt
Corvette Cooling Fan Control Module Kit, Hi-Lo , 2005-2013
Model: 1025018
Condition: NEW
Finally, a manual fan controller for the C6! New design Plug And Play module installs easily to the PWM-controlled coolant fan found on the C6 Corvette. The factory coolant fan is powerful and incorporates a solid-state controller instead…
$177.99 kt
Flex-a-Lite Auxiliary Illuminated Switch
Model: 3428002
Condition: NEW
Flex-A-Lite auxiliary illuminated switches provide cockpit control or override of fan function. These switches may be wired to actuate a fan regardless of temperature settings (at the end of a heat or at the beginning of a hard pull), or…
$35.99 kt
Corvette Cooling Fan Mounting Kit, Electric, 16", 1956-1982
Model: 1029118
Condition: NEW
Includes 4 Each Rubber Cushions, Retainers, Clips & Push Pins …
$18.99 kt
Cooling Fan, Electric, Universal, Single, 2500 CFM, S-Blade, Syclone, Flex-a-lite
Model: 3022438
Condition: NEW
Flex-a-lite® reversible 16-inch Syclone S-Blade electric-fan. A powerful electric motor helps this fan move an impressive 2,500 cfm of airflow. Can be used as an auxiliary or primary cooling. Puller: Yes Pusher: Yes Fan CFM Range…
$188.99 ea
Quick Start Variable Temperature Controller with Thread-in Temperature Sensor
Model: 3428044
Condition: NEW
The Flex-a-lite® Quick Start Variable Temperature Controller turns the electric fan on and off at the desired temperature. You can easily adjust the activation temperature between approximately 160-240 degrees Fahrenheit. It also turns…
$259.99 kt
Flex-a-Lite 15" Black Magic Xtreme Series Electric Fan, with Adjustable Thermostat
Model: 3428001
Condition: NEW
Flex-a-lite® 15-inch Black Magic Xtreme S-Blade reversible electric fans feature 3,300 cfm of airflow. Replacing a belt-driven fan with one of these powerful electric fans can recover engine power and increase fuel economy. These fans…
$439.99 kt
Corvette Electric Radiator Cooling Fan, Universal, Reversible, 16", 1956-1982
Model: 1029117
Condition: NEW
  Improves Engine Cooling Improves Air Conditioning Performance May Be Used As A Push Or Pull Fan 2300 CFM At 2100 RPM 11 Amps 3-3/4" Mounting Depth   …
$72.99 ea
Corvette Aluminum Radiator Electric Fan Kit, 16
Model: 1028179
Condition: NEW
Designed To Replace Stock Fan & ShroudUsed With Small Block Aluminum RadiatorIncludes Hardware…
$489.99 kt
Corvette Dual Radiator Fans, Electric, 11" Direct-Fit, 1969-1982
Model: 1028177
Condition: NEW
  Fits All 1969-72's With Original Copper/Brass Radiator Or Aftermarket Aluminum Radiator Kit Includes: SPAL Dual 11" Fans, 2 Mounting Brackets, 1 Hardware Kit, 1 Relay Harness, 1 Temperature Switch & 1…
$755.99 kt
Corvette Engine Cooling Fan, 1997-2004
Model: 1027396
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement…
$88.99 ea
Corvette Radiator Cooling Fan Wiring Harness, For Dual or Single Fans, Be Cool, 1969-1982
Model: 1025337
Condition: NEW
Used When Corvette Is Equipped With Air Conditioning Turns Fan(s) On When Compressor Is Engaged Used With Harness(s) P/N 42627 & 42053 …
$83.99 ea
Corvette Dual Electric Fans, 11", Be Cool, 1969-1982
Model: 1015096
Condition: NEW
  Direct Bolt-On Applications For Be Cool Radiators With P/N's 42050 & 42626 Bracket Kits Replaces Stock Fan Or Use As An Additional Fan Use With Harness P/N's 42053 & 42627   …
$494.99 ea
Corvette Electric Radiator Puller Cooling Fan, 13
Model: 1015095
Condition: NEW
Direct Bolt-On Applications For Be Cool Radiators With P/N 42050 Bracket KitReplaces Stock Fan Or Use As An Additional FanUse With P/N 42053 Harness Kit16" & Dual 11" Fan Set-Ups AvailableUse With P/N 32163, 32165, 32493, 32765 & 32766…
$313.99 ea
Corvette Electric Radiator Cooling Fan, 16", Puller, 1961-1982
Model: 1015094
Condition: NEW
  Direct Bolt-On Applications For Be Cool Radiators With P/N 42050 Bracket Kit Replaces Stock Fan Or Use As An Additional Fan Use With P/N 42053 Harness Kit 13" Or Dual 11" Fan Set-Ups Available Use With P/N 32163…
$141.99 ea
Corvette Radiator Cooling Fan, 1997-2004
Model: 1012064
Condition: NEW
$125.99 ea
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